The non-profit Future Foundation

The «Zukunftsstiftung der Liechtensteinischen Landesbank AG» (the «Future Foundation of Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG»), which was founded as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations, supports commitment to social and ecological sustainability in everyday life. Additionally, we back non-profit projects that improve living and working conditions and promote self-responsibility. We focus on innovations in the areas of knowledge transfer as well as the integration and implementation of social entrepreneurship. Once the start-up phase is completed, we plan to award a future prize for long-term commitment that provides third parties with opportunities for the future.

Our time is characterized by highly dynamic and far-reaching changes. Trust, responsibility and reliability play an important role. LLB sees itself as part of a whole and is closely connected with the people and the economy of Liechtenstein and the region. Through the Future Foundation, it is able to bring people and generations together.

In 2013, we supported 9 projects and 19 institutions, including the «Zukunftswerkstatt» initiative of the Liechtenstein Symbiose association. It provides a platform on which people can come together to create a vision of the Rhine Valley region of the future through engaging in intercultural dialogue and committing themselves to that vision. The EU promoted and awarded a prize to the project as part of the «Jugend in Aktion» (Youth in action) programme. In 2013, the «Zukunftswerkstatt» project won the «Energy Globe Award». Another project that is supported by the Future Foundation is called «Hack an App in a week». In this project, secondary school pupils spend a whole week developing an app for their school magazine with the support of ti&m, a Swiss consulting firm. ti&m’s aim is to give the pupils insights into IT professions. Among other recipients of financial support were the Bicycle Club Walenstadt association for a bikers’ park at the lake, the Betreutes Wohnen association in Liechtenstein and the foundation for people with rare diseases in Switzerland.

The Future Foundation is a member of the association of non-profit foundations in Liechtenstein («Vereinigung liechtensteinischer gemeinnütziger Stiftungen») network, which aims to promote the idea of entrepreneurial philanthropy.

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