Responsible performance culture

2013 was marked by the LLB Group’s implementation of the Focus2015 strategy, whose objective is to successfully position the Bank on a long-term basis within an environment that has changed. Business success is significantly impacted by the ability to keep and attract the best talent and managers. This is why, in accordance with Focus2015, we acted in a target-oriented and systematic manner to establish measures that promote commitment, performance and loyalty. Our corporate values of trust, integrity, performance and passion serve as our compass and they guide us in our interactions with society, our market partners and with each other.

The LLB Group is able to sustainably assert itself against the competition by comprehensively shaping change, development and performance. The banking industry is witnessing dramatic changes. Against this backdrop, it is decisive that we pool knowledge and competences, standardize processes, individualize services and focus on clients and markets.

Motivated employees

A high level of commitment – employees’ strong identification with and loyalty to their company – positively impacts the working climate, productivity and sales figures. The LLB Group conducted its second Group-wide employee survey in late summer 2013 to evaluate our employees’ attitudes and perceptions. The excellent participation rate of 76 percent was proof of employee involvement and the survey provided important information. Although the commitment index shows a slight downward trend compared to 2010, nevertheless it is still at a very high level. At the same time, employees feel that they are familiar with the Focus2015 company strategy.

Just as in 2010, employees as a whole were satisfied with the LLB Group as an employer in 2013 too. The evaluation score is slightly below the average of the eighty Swiss companies that participated in the Swiss Employer Award 2013 and served as a benchmark. We have definitely strengthened client ties. Our employees clearly welcome the annual agreement on work objectives and performance assessment. A strong asset are the LLB Group teams. Nevertheless, we have also identified areas that require action and need to be addressed. This includes strengthening our common corporate values in the Group, addressing the topic of improving work-life balance and fostering personnel development.

Modern recruitment management

Our aim to attract talent that advances our company is supported by our professional application management system. We have been using electronic recruitment software since 2012. It enables us to optimally manage the recruitment processes: from the job openings on our web site, job postings on online job boards to the selection of the right candidate. We also make increasing use of Internet-based social networks. As of 2014, the LLB Group’s human resources management and the provision of all relevant information concerning employees will be fully automated using SAP R / 3HR software. This will reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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