Performance through diversity

The LLB Group employs people from 29 nations. Our success is based on this diversity. Tolerance, appreciation, respect, open-mindedness and diversity are fundamental values of our corporate culture. Even if we do not have a specific programme in place to promote diversity, people of different nationalities working together have been commonplace at our Group for many years. Every day, numerous professionals commute from eastern Switzerland (167) and the Austrian state of Vorarlberg (64) to their work at LLB in Vaduz. We aim to create an environment of appreciation for all employees, regardless of their nationality, age, gender, educational background, etc.

At 45 percent, the proportion of women working for us is relatively high, although women are still underrepresented in leadership positions. However, such factors as demographic change and the growing number of well-educated women are bound to affect change in this area in the next few years. This also holds true for older employees, who guarantee that know-how is passed on. The principle of equal opportunities is a cornerstone of our corporate culture.

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