The LLB Group places emphasis on a performance culture of responsibility. We promote our staff as experts, as managers and as individuals. In keeping with our guiding principle «Fordern und Fördern» (Challenging and Promoting), we pursue a policy of strategic staff development. A committed and intelligent workforce is our capital. It is the catalyst for successful change.

Living leadership competence

The ability to learn faster than others is the most essential competitive advantage in the long term. Only a learning organization can cope with and profit from the increasing speed of constant change. A key role is played by the ability of executives to disseminate information and inform opinion. One of their most important core competences is to deal with change naturally. The LLB Group’s constructive management culture is founded on stability and trust, respectful communication and genuine teamwork. These are supplemented by objectives that are both sensibly applied and reflect our corporate strategy as well as by motivating target agreements and performance reviews.

We require copartners who take a more active hand in developing potential and an interest in employee values. Since 2012 our managers have applied performance management processes (PMP) for linking individual staff objectives with corporate goals as well as people development processes (PDP) for staff development. According to the 2013 employee survey, this has been met with great approval by our employees. In 2013, we organized workshops for our managers to prepare them for changes in the compensation system, which will become valid for everyone in 2014. Target agreements and performance feedback will now directly impact employees’ salaries, which will place demands on how performance and the achievement of objectives are measured.

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