Unique partnerships promote our reputation among relevant interest groups and are a key strategic brand management factor. Our sponsoring policies stipulate that the projects and activities we support should sustainably increase our brand’s value and image. Our sponsorships must suit, supplement or strengthen the character of our brand. And they must also generate communication. We therefore only focus on a few, effective long-term sponsorships that have a clear connection to a specific market area. As a universal bank, we take our social responsibility very seriously and sponsor public events. We are partners of clubs, events and institutions in the areas of sports, culture, community service, ecology and education. The LLB Group remains politically neutral in all of its sponsoring activities and does not make financial or any other types of contributions to politicians or political parties. Our communication targets are aligned with our brand’s key messages: «We are partners in our target markets. We are partners in performance. We are partners in success». In Liechtenstein, we strengthen our ties with our clients by being, amongst other things, the main sponsor of FC Vaduz, which competes in the Challenge League, the second highest Swiss football league. In the area of culture, we have been sponsors of the Vaduz Filmfest for a few years; this film festival also shows challenging art-house films. One special project is the «Businesstag» (Business Day), the economic forum for women in the Rhine Valley. We are as equally committed to supporting social and ecological interests as we are to promoting the health of the people living in Liechtenstein and eastern Switzerland. Maintaining a balance between client service and social responsibility is important for us. By foregrounding project sponsorship as support we underscore the principle that each project retains its content and organizational independence. In 2013, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank invested CHF 600'000.– (2012: CHF 600'000.–) in projects in Liechtenstein, and Bank Linth invested CHF 540'000.– (2012: CHF 620'000.–) in projects in Switzerland. This is quite apart from our Group’s long tradition of making donations. In this way, LLB has supported non-profit and social organizations for more than 30 years (also see chapter «Responsibilities for society and the environment»).

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