Institutional Clients

Individual relationships as partners and premium quality are the decisive factors for the LLB Group in caring for institutional clients in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Our strategy funds have been among the best in Europe for many years. We employ innovative tools to provide guidance about markets, solutions and investments.

«In November 2013, we launched our ‹LLB Xpert views› online platform. This unique information portal, which concentrates on the fields of investments, law and taxation, provides a comprehensive overview of current investment topics, as well as important regulatory and taxation developments.»

Urs Müller, Head Institutional Clients

Business profile

Institutional Clients encompasses the intermediary and fund business, as well as the asset management operations of the LLB Group. We concentrate on professional investors, financial intermediaries, fiduciaries, asset managers, fund promoters, investment companies, insurance companies, pension funds and public institutions. We can call on the expert knowledge available within the LLB Group when delivering our comprehensive services in accordance with the concept of a one-stop boutique. Our focus lies on the markets of Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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