Innovations in information and communication technology have changed clients’ habits. Clients are increasingly at home in the media world with its variety of communication channels, which means that the client / bank relationship has been redefined. In a bank with lean value-added chains the front office can consistently focus on clients. Parallel to this trend there is another development. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the Internet is becoming mobile, which enables access to banking services at all times in all circumstances. Competition in the worldwide web is increasing, the LLB Group is already taking advantage of the opportunities this generates.

Trust remains an essential condition for financial business. The fact that ATMs function properly and client concerns are taken care of via the bank service telephone is only one aspect of this. The protection of client data represents an essential foundation stone for more trust in the relationship between financial service providers and clients. To this can be added the personal contact at the bank branch with transparent and straight-forward products which meet client requirements. The trust deepened and broadened in this manner is then carried over to the use of the Internet and mobile devices. The LLB Group is concentrating on an interlocking system of mobile, web-based and stationary banking services. Infrastructure employed in an innovative manner generates substantial added profit.

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